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Financial Intelligence.  At Your Service.

Serving Atlantic Canadian Owner-Managers for 35 Years.

What We Do

Knowledge and Experience Matters

Cambridge has been serving Atlantic Canadian business for 35 years.  We know your business is unique.  We’ve never adopted a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to financial management.  Our experience has shaped how we approach each business, understanding what is essential to your success, and how to provide you with affordable services that help you reach your goals.



The Foundation.  Make better operational decisions based on a strong and reliable foundation.

  • Controller Services

  • Payroll Services

  • Bookkeeping Services

  • Sales Tax Services

  • Financial Statements

Annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily - we tailor our services to your unique business needs.


Tax & Tax Planning Services

The Plan.  A clear vision with proper tax planning can be essential to your quality of life.

  • Personal Tax & Estate Planning

  • Corporations & Trusts

  • Sole Proprietorships & Partnerships

  • Not-For-Profit Organizations & Charities

  • Insurance Strategies

The first year you make time for it, the value of annual tax planning may surprise you.  Most don't miss another year.


Growth Management Services

The Growth.  As enterprises develop, owner-managers 'need things' in achieve sustainable growth.  We provide them.

  • CFO ServicesFinancial Packaging

  • Better Management ToolsAccurate Operational Reporting

  • Manufacturing, Inventory, and other Keystone Systems

  • Integrated Financial Reporting

  • Grant Availability Options

  • Exit Strategies

The value of measured experience, providing the fundamental support you need to achieve your objectives. 

Need to learn more?  Contact us.

If you would like to review the unique needs of your business with one of our professionals, please contact us.

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