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Serving Atlantic Canadian Owner-Managers for 35 Years.

The Cambridge Advantage

Our strength is in numbers.

There is a reason 400 businesses trust us to help them every quarter, every month, every week.  We’ve seen a lot, and we’ve proudly helped our clients through the many highs and lows of growing their business.  Each of our clients is an important member of our community, and we’ve always believed that your success is our success.

Your business is unique.

Cambridge has been serving Atlantic Canadian business for 35 years.  We know your business is unique.  We’ve never adopted a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to financial management.  Our experience has shaped how we approach each business, understanding what is essential to your success, and how to provide you with affordable services that help you reach your goals.  Whatever challenge you might be facing, we’ve probably seen a version of it before, and our flexibility and breadth of knowledge allow us to tailor services to meet your challenges.  We only offer answers and solutions we know will help you.  However you choose to add it up, Cambridge gives you control of your bottom line.

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