Why Cambridge Financial Services?

Cambridge Financial Services has expanded into a full service accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation firm providing a wide range of accounting and tax related services. The company currently employs a number of full-time and part-time employees and either employs or is affiliated with C.A.'s and other professionals for projects where their expertise is required.

From a cost standpoint, there are less expensive alternatives in home-based freelance bookkeepers and accountants. However, these individuals have less flexibility in handling workload spikes. Cambridge has sufficient manpower resources to minimize excessive delays in processing workloads. Stability plays a factor, in that a freelance may choose to take a full time position or have to re-locate as a result of family issues. Cambridge has been in operation since 1987, with a number of clients who have been with the firm for over a decade.

Although C.A. firms have a great deal of expertise, is it cost effective for them to be doing your bookkeeping? Cambridge works with a number of firms and individual C.A.'s to provide accurate bookkeeping to their clients so that they can focus on year end related work.

One stop shopping, a phrase frequently used, would describe another advantage of Cambridge. By having only one service provider, you avoid communication breakdowns that may occur between your tax preparer, bookkeeper and accountant. With multiple individuals involved, the issue of stability may also become a factor.